about us….

“Go For it!”
“Geht Schon!”

All mean the same thing- shouted and screamed in support of your attempt, your effort, your send. They are used
by your friends- people you know and many of whom you don’t. Because in climbing and more specifically within
the climbing community, your success allows for the success of the collective. Because your success opens up what
is possible for all of us. Your success fuels our drive to continue and to endeavor.

And we- at Burora Europe – in the Tirol state of Austria, are a part of this collective who call ourselves

We have been making climbing shoes for almost 3 decades- pushing the innovation of shoe craftsmanship by making
shoes that will help you climb better and to inspire you to climb more. Whether you are a beginner sparked by new
challenges or a seasoned veteran aiming for the send, we have a shoe for you.

Our shoes are comfortable. They perform very well. And they will last a long time.

So you should know that every time you put on a pair of Butora shoes, you will hear us in the background encouraging
you with, “Allez! Go for it! Geht Schon! Gambera! Butora!”

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