The Terra is a mesh, nylon hiking shoe better suited for technical terrain. The outsole is molded from shock absorbing TPU with our special trekking rubber, similar to what we use for our rock shoes. These two materials in combination allows the shoes more than the adequate traction on rocky, slippery grounds.

The midsole of the shoe is injection molded in 3D form, which lets us “program” better the flex of the shoe. This material is a high tensile strength nylon- called Pebax. It gives the shoes protection from sharp rocks found on technical trails. And it lasts a long time. Finally what you will find in the upper of the shoe is a high-abrasion resistant nylon mesh. It breaths very well and stands up very well against the sharp rocks and scree.

The Terra is all about performance and durability.



The Terra is our mesh-nylon upper hiking shoe. It is breathable yet durable at the same time. And it shares the same outsole as the

Catena- Neo Trek rubber for traction and PU for cushioning.

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Tech Info:

Outsole- Neo Rubber Trek, climbing-zone

Midsole- Shock absorbing eva and 3D molded Pebax

Upper- Nylon Mesh


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